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North Palm Beach AC Expert North Palm Beach, FL 561-379-1149Calling it a “veritable paradise”, Henry Flagler was perhaps the first person to realize Palm Beach’s potential. He went on to build the Royal Poinciana Hotel with a conviction that the beautiful region, largely undiscovered at the time, held many promises. Soon enough, investments started pouring into the region left, right and center causing a mini-boom and putting the land, now known as Palm Beach County, on the path of transformation.  Today, Palm Beach is a thriving metropolis that is home to over 1.3 million residents and is popular for its natural beauty, sprawling resorts, lush greenery and quaint hinterlands.

Why AC is a must in Palm Beach?

With human intervention and large-scale progress, Palm Beach gradually lost touch with nature and became increasingly dependent on modern machines for everyday needs. And the perfect example of such dependency manifests itself in the summer season when the entire population relies on the air conditioner to save them from the searing temperatures.Today, whether you are at your home, office, a restaurant, hospital, shopping complex or even an ATM, you need an AC to keep you protected from the heat. Can you even imagine spending an hour without an AC on a hot afternoon? It’s painful to even think about it!

We need air conditioners to:

  • Keep it cool: Whether we need a good night’s sleep or want to work comfortably in our office, we need an air conditioner to keep our immediate environment cool and pleasant.
  • Lower humidity levels: Humidity is the worst part of the summer season and the only counter to that is an AC.
  • Keep mold at bay: Molds require a certain temperature and moisture in the air to proliferate. ACs remove excess moisture from the air and keep the premises cool to prevent mold growth.
  • Find our comfort: Back in the day, Palm Beach was sparsely-populated and there were hardly any swanky buildings that you see today. All this made summers bearable. However, in the absence of natural ventilation, we all need our AC fix,

With such heavy dependence on AC, many firms offering cheap air conditioning services have cropped up in Palm Beach County. However, just like you wouldn’t trust just any other mechanic with your car, it’s vital to entrust your AC to only bona fide firmslike North Palm Beach AC Expert.


Residential AC service:

We offer a wide range of services to residential clients, right from installation of new units to regular repairs. Our experts have been catering to the myriad AC-related needs of homeowners for well over twenty years and possess sound technical knowledge to get any job done as efficiently as possible.

Commercial AC services:

It’s imperative to ensure that the central AC system at your workplace is working perfectly as a faulty unit can directly impact the performance of your staff. Thankfully, you can always rely on North Palm Beach AC Expert for all commercial HVAC needs. Right from large-scale installations to quick repairs, there is nothing that our seasoned technicians cannot handle. Plus, we also offer economical maintenance plans to help clients ensure smooth and hassle-free operation throughout the season.

Emergency assistance:

Coming home after work to an AC that is not cooling the room properly is a nightmare for homeowners. Similarly, failure of a commercial HVAC unit at any given time of the day can halt productivity.  Fortunately, we have a 24x7 team to assist commercial and residential clients during such emergencies.

The Palm Beach community has been placing its trust on North Palm Beach AC Expert for over two decades and counting. What are you waiting for? Call us now on 561-379-1149 for all your AC-related needs!

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